Is link building is DEAD?

The answer is that a certain type of link building is dead, and a new type of link building has taken its place. Linking is not an obsolete thing of the past. Contrary to what other people might think, it is not evil. As a matter of fact, it is still of outmost importance. What any web owner should do is to first and foremost, create quality content, and then spread these articles around Panda-compliant sites with a link back to your site.
The whole process of link building is ever more complicated and you do need to understand what you’re doing., but you’ve got to understand them those tactics that are right for your business and have an appropriate strategy.
However, it is worth the effort. Creating great content and promoting it properly will bring you search engine traffic, real visitors to your site, establish your position in the marketplace - and bring you significant sales that make all the effort worthwhile.


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