SEO Myths & Misconceptions

SEO is the best way for a business to be promoted online. But Search Engine Optimization has also modified plenty over the recent years, and with everybody having a set of tips and tricks for the “best” results, it’s straightforward to lose track of the facts. the top result's that you simply currently have even as several SEO Myths as you are doing viable techniques.

Let’s clear up some of the Essential Misconceptions & Myths:-

a) More keywords means higher ranking:-
This is often fully not true, and as a fact if you're stuffing keywords into your content it'll adversely have bad effect on your rankings. A density of 2-3 % works simply fine.

b) Having associate in nursing Adwords campaign improves your ranking:-
This is often invariably a supply of discussion, and therefore the solely people that understand the important answer are those at Google. The reality is,if you raise ten individuals however running Google Adwords can have an effect on their rankings, 5 can say it helps and 5 can say it hurts. that ought to tell you all you wish to understand concerning why this is often among SEO myths. If there was valid proof that it helped, wouldn’t everybody be victimisation it?

c) Duplicate content is severely penalised by Google:-
Duplicate content will be a negative issue, however solely typically. With varied syndications strategies and therefore the quality of RSS, duplication is turning into less of a product of spamming, and algorithms ar adjusting to require this under consideration. Simply put, duplicate will definitely hurt your overall rankings. The a lot of links you've got, the higher the ranking: this is often a case of quality over amount. Having quality links that lead back to your web site may be a smart issue, however linking simply to attain a quantitative impact can bring your web site down.

d) Success will be guaranteed:-
There aren't any guarantees with SEO. Yes, once done properly, SEO will and can facilitate your organic search rankings. However, ne'er fall for anyone UN agency is telling you that they will “guarantee” results on your behalf. There ar way too several factors and variables concerned for love or money to be assured.

e) My website’s SEO is done:-
This is often one in every of the numerous common SEO myths and mistakes. Individuals suppose they need completed the SEO tasks for his or her web site and ar questioning what to try to to next. SEO is rarely complete! it's to be Associate in Nursing in progress method that frequently adds contemporary and valuable content for the search engines (and your customers) to appear for. Search engines solely scan text, thus videos and pictures ar useless: False! Sites with videos and pictures are thought of content wealthy and these aspects of your web site will be optimized additionally, by adding altitude tags within the description, pictures and titles to explain your pictures and videos. With the correct SEO, any video or image will be understood by search engines.


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