What you have to consider when SEO Link Building?

SEO Link Building
The off page optimization an essential part of search engine optimization. The goal is to build many, various, quality quality back links for your own site. However, since the point of view of search engines is an interference in the natural SEO Link Building, certain rules must be observed, it may be a punishment otherwise. Search engines react namely sensitive to tampering. To apparent manual SEO Link Building can result in that your page for a certain period from the index is made (you will receive a notice in Google Webmaster Tools) or with a PR loss (or even the PR 0) is punished. For you, this means that while you operate a manual SEO Link Building for your website, but it must nevertheless appear natural to Google. The following two points should therefore keep in mind:

    SEO Link Building is a slow but steady process
    Only permanent back links have a benefit

It would therefore be bad if you are impatient for a new page and generate a lot of back links in a short time (through link exchange, link buying, social bookmarking, article directories, web directories, comments, etc ...). In the beginning it will be to put a mass of links easy for you, but later you will find that the number of potential link partners decreases, web directories and article directories have been exhausted or you simply lose momentum, every day 20 (fictitious number) new back links to set. Especially with new pages it is very unlikely that they will get in a natural way so many new back links because they actually can not really be known. Finally, it takes a while to establish itself in the SERPs and yes it come proven measures the most visitors.

Better yet, slowly but it is Populate back links regularly. Of course it's hard to call something with concrete numbers, as it depends on various factors, how and where you can put your links. Thus, for example depends the number of potential link partners from the topic of your page. Treat only a niche topic, you will find it more difficult to build close partnerships content. In addition, the time factor is added, because the one will have to schedule a regular basis. Someone who simply wants to optimize his page only should something to be previously aware of how much time he daily / may not be necessary for the back SEO Link Building weekly or wants, because generally speaking, the continuous the better. Of course, it may occasionally come to larger fluctuations, eventually it can also naturally occur that sometimes more, sometimes less links are set to your page. You could have such a long time published no new content, which might have a link to lull episode, or just very current content publishing and thus get very many links for a short time.

Arrangements for successful SEO Link Building
Before you can begin building your back link structure, content needs to be created only once. Finally, the best search engine optimization brings nothing in the end, if your page is no added value for the user. When a new domain, you should focus on content that is for the time being. Once you have created a pool of sub-pages with a private, real content, you can begin analyzing your page (s). This is necessary because for putting your back links always require the same data and represents it is a relief to collect this data in advance, evaluate, and prepare. While this makes the beginning comparatively much work, but the effort you have to also make only once, not every back link anew. This allows you to assign the individual data, I'll cover the most common methods for SEO Link Building individually.

SEO Link Building 
  • Comments and guestbook entries
  • Directories
  • Forums
  • Social Bookmarks and Social News
  • Article Directories
  • Link Exchange

There you go: SEO Link Building in practice
In the previous section, you already have some practical example for your actions to obtain SEO Link Building (analysis of your pages according to certain criteria). However, I would like to be more specific so that you can refer to the following guide. If you deviate from it or have had other experiences, then you do not irritate please. For SEO Link Building, it is no miracle recipe, but clues by which one can judge.

Take your time and start to search for specific web directories, preferably without Back link duty. Register there (if necessary) and store the URL of the catalog. I use bookmarks to a sub folder in my browser, so that I can access them quickly later. As a rough guide you can take 50-100 Directories. But you put any links! You are still in the preparation phase. Do the same with article directories and social bookmark services. In the social bookmark services I have got used to store per service per a button in the left of my browser, the "Add Bookmark" me by clicking on the respective side of the service opens. These are usually bookmarks with java script code "Bookmark" the URL, title and meta tags of the current page directly to the page is about. You will find the appropriate code usually on the side of the Bookmark services. Register now also in link exchange forums and look for topics relevant pages and the contact details for their content.

Now you can save the files to your website analysis, so you can work effectively later. To do this, first create a file in which the data for web directories (etc URL, description ... (so)) store. This data can now simply copy and paste if you want to submit your site to a web catalog. Now place the folder "Social Bookmarks" and save it to your homepage and each subpage in a file the exact URL to be awarded the bookmark title, matching tags and a short description. Yes, that's a lot of work, but you will not regret it later. Now follows a file for link exchange partners. In this you compose a text in which you describe your page. Be but not novel but limit yourself to the relevant data for your exchange partner. These are: primary themes, PR, exchange visitors to the desired page, the theme, PR and traffic to your site and your transaction basis, such that you only link of sub-pages with PR between X and Y. This text can now use both the forum and for the direct contact with other webmasters. However, if you create a forum thread, I would not necessarily specify the URL of my page, but they only pass via PM or email. That was the easy part, now writing articles for your sub pages follows. An article, you may use up to 3 times in a slightly different form.

Preparations are now complete. Now you can start every day 2-3 links in web directories and put 2-3 bookmarks and submit 1-2 articles. The search for link exchange partners running in parallel, but you should take your time for it and edit not too many requests in parallel. Do not forget to leave your URL in your forum signatures to link and diligent blog comments and guest book entries, if you come across interesting posts. You can also submit your site in DMOZ, it takes some time there anyway, until one is received.

In the end, it should be mentioned once: Do not be impatient. SEO Link Building is a slow but steady process, the results of which reveal themselves only after several weeks or even months.


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