The Role of Social Media in marketing and internet strategy

social media
What is social media?
Social media is a collective name for all Internet applications with which it is possible to share a user and often entertaining way. Information with each other This includes not only information in the form of text (news articles). Also audio (podcast, music) and images (Images, video, audio etc.) that are shared via social media websites. In other words, social media are located, which can interact with the environment that stands for the media.

Examples of social media websites
Common examples of international social media website Facebook, Google plus, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, but also, for example Wikipedia and MySpace. In this also a list with dates attached to the various social media sites: Wikipedia 2001, 2003 WordPress, 2003 LinkedIn, Myspace 2003-2004-Facebook, You tube 2005, 2006-Twitter, Google plus 2011 and etc.

How do social media?
When social media is all about the role of the website visitor. He usually takes care of the content of the website (for YouTube users upload videos and Wikipedia, everyone can create and edit articles). This is also called User generated content. In addition, it provides social media sometimes for ranking the content (everyone can vote for each news article, so come naturally the main messages on the home page).

The word "social" enough, says social media interaction, where a high degree environment. Groups of people talk about issues they think important to come together. Usually they hope to find similar people who have the same values. This stems from the unconscious thought that "everyone is equal to me more fun, more interesting and Superior assuredness." Trust in peers, which means is growing that we attach more importance to the opinion of our network than to those of organizations or brands.

According to the dictionary include social means that people tend to live in groups. This is also the explanation why the social media site attracts so many visitors: people are jointly seeking so-called peers, people just like you are. With these people we exchange information. Once a critical mass is reached, this causes a snowball effect (also called viral or viral effect), more and more people coming to the website on which. They also want to know what's possible. All websites previously mentioned are examples in which this situation has occurred.

The role of social media in marketing and internet strategy
Humans are described in a pyramid by marketers who know the five basic social needs. Marketers are always busy with meeting these basic human needs. Social media give consumers the ability to easily meet needs such as social behavior, and self-recognition and companies can make use of them. For the first time in history it is possible a dialogue with major consumer groups, without big budgets required. By good to deal with social media companies and brands part of the 'network' and peers making them familiar faster and Superior. Social media marketing is playing an increasingly important role in the relationship of companies within and Public Relations.

The strengths of social media:
A large group of consumers as active social media sites are often very timely and present a first event is always there.

The content of social media websites is almost always divisible and easy to spread within a network. This means that very quickly a viral or buzz effect can take place.

Social media and niche communities are great for accessing marketing niches. This has many similarities with the already familiar term The Long Tail of Marketing.

Social media are quickly searchable and relatively objective, since they are generated by a broad group of people. This is also called 'the wisdom of the crowd "called.

Social media score very well in search engines like Google, because of the relatively objective and reliable character.

What you have to consider when SEO Link Building?

SEO Link Building
The off page optimization an essential part of search engine optimization. The goal is to build many, various, quality quality back links for your own site. However, since the point of view of search engines is an interference in the natural SEO Link Building, certain rules must be observed, it may be a punishment otherwise. Search engines react namely sensitive to tampering. To apparent manual SEO Link Building can result in that your page for a certain period from the index is made (you will receive a notice in Google Webmaster Tools) or with a PR loss (or even the PR 0) is punished. For you, this means that while you operate a manual SEO Link Building for your website, but it must nevertheless appear natural to Google. The following two points should therefore keep in mind:

    SEO Link Building is a slow but steady process
    Only permanent back links have a benefit

It would therefore be bad if you are impatient for a new page and generate a lot of back links in a short time (through link exchange, link buying, social bookmarking, article directories, web directories, comments, etc ...). In the beginning it will be to put a mass of links easy for you, but later you will find that the number of potential link partners decreases, web directories and article directories have been exhausted or you simply lose momentum, every day 20 (fictitious number) new back links to set. Especially with new pages it is very unlikely that they will get in a natural way so many new back links because they actually can not really be known. Finally, it takes a while to establish itself in the SERPs and yes it come proven measures the most visitors.

Better yet, slowly but it is Populate back links regularly. Of course it's hard to call something with concrete numbers, as it depends on various factors, how and where you can put your links. Thus, for example depends the number of potential link partners from the topic of your page. Treat only a niche topic, you will find it more difficult to build close partnerships content. In addition, the time factor is added, because the one will have to schedule a regular basis. Someone who simply wants to optimize his page only should something to be previously aware of how much time he daily / may not be necessary for the back SEO Link Building weekly or wants, because generally speaking, the continuous the better. Of course, it may occasionally come to larger fluctuations, eventually it can also naturally occur that sometimes more, sometimes less links are set to your page. You could have such a long time published no new content, which might have a link to lull episode, or just very current content publishing and thus get very many links for a short time.

Arrangements for successful SEO Link Building
Before you can begin building your back link structure, content needs to be created only once. Finally, the best search engine optimization brings nothing in the end, if your page is no added value for the user. When a new domain, you should focus on content that is for the time being. Once you have created a pool of sub-pages with a private, real content, you can begin analyzing your page (s). This is necessary because for putting your back links always require the same data and represents it is a relief to collect this data in advance, evaluate, and prepare. While this makes the beginning comparatively much work, but the effort you have to also make only once, not every back link anew. This allows you to assign the individual data, I'll cover the most common methods for SEO Link Building individually.

SEO Link Building 
  • Comments and guestbook entries
  • Directories
  • Forums
  • Social Bookmarks and Social News
  • Article Directories
  • Link Exchange

There you go: SEO Link Building in practice
In the previous section, you already have some practical example for your actions to obtain SEO Link Building (analysis of your pages according to certain criteria). However, I would like to be more specific so that you can refer to the following guide. If you deviate from it or have had other experiences, then you do not irritate please. For SEO Link Building, it is no miracle recipe, but clues by which one can judge.

Take your time and start to search for specific web directories, preferably without Back link duty. Register there (if necessary) and store the URL of the catalog. I use bookmarks to a sub folder in my browser, so that I can access them quickly later. As a rough guide you can take 50-100 Directories. But you put any links! You are still in the preparation phase. Do the same with article directories and social bookmark services. In the social bookmark services I have got used to store per service per a button in the left of my browser, the "Add Bookmark" me by clicking on the respective side of the service opens. These are usually bookmarks with java script code "Bookmark" the URL, title and meta tags of the current page directly to the page is about. You will find the appropriate code usually on the side of the Bookmark services. Register now also in link exchange forums and look for topics relevant pages and the contact details for their content.

Now you can save the files to your website analysis, so you can work effectively later. To do this, first create a file in which the data for web directories (etc URL, description ... (so)) store. This data can now simply copy and paste if you want to submit your site to a web catalog. Now place the folder "Social Bookmarks" and save it to your homepage and each subpage in a file the exact URL to be awarded the bookmark title, matching tags and a short description. Yes, that's a lot of work, but you will not regret it later. Now follows a file for link exchange partners. In this you compose a text in which you describe your page. Be but not novel but limit yourself to the relevant data for your exchange partner. These are: primary themes, PR, exchange visitors to the desired page, the theme, PR and traffic to your site and your transaction basis, such that you only link of sub-pages with PR between X and Y. This text can now use both the forum and for the direct contact with other webmasters. However, if you create a forum thread, I would not necessarily specify the URL of my page, but they only pass via PM or email. That was the easy part, now writing articles for your sub pages follows. An article, you may use up to 3 times in a slightly different form.

Preparations are now complete. Now you can start every day 2-3 links in web directories and put 2-3 bookmarks and submit 1-2 articles. The search for link exchange partners running in parallel, but you should take your time for it and edit not too many requests in parallel. Do not forget to leave your URL in your forum signatures to link and diligent blog comments and guest book entries, if you come across interesting posts. You can also submit your site in DMOZ, it takes some time there anyway, until one is received.

In the end, it should be mentioned once: Do not be impatient. SEO Link Building is a slow but steady process, the results of which reveal themselves only after several weeks or even months.

Mobile SEO vs Classic SEO: What you must know and observe

Why optimize mobile?
Mobile SEO
Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimization to all actions that cause web pages in search engine ranking in the unpaid search results (natural listings) show up on higher places. Mobile SEO is the latest generation of search engine optimization. While even the Mobile Web Google one of the big players, but the users behave differently than on desktop PC. The smartphone users often use no more fields in classical search engines but finds new shapes and patterns of thought.

Exist between stationary and mobile search engine optimization part is absolutely no difference. Just as with desktop SEO, it applies, for example, in the mobile world, to optimize on-and off page. Structured search engine and user content just helps to a better positioning in se
arch engine results. The search engine friendly revision of the opensource code is important for mobile sites.

It is the passably proven: Fundamental SEO practices such as Title Tag Optimization, Content Award or meta descriptions also form the foundation for Mobile SEO. Now the question arises: Why should ever take special measures in the mobile search engine optimization my business if already SEO is operated? And what are the biggest differences between desktop and mobile SEO?

Mobile search is different
Mobile users are wired differently and are more action-driven. They use the mobile web as a shopping aid or  comparisons - Shopped will then usually in the shop or on the PC. Important events such as completing insurance are also still done via the stationary access. The mobile search demands immediate results much more timely and urgent than the stationary search. Tools such as Google Goggles, Gesture Search and Voice Search also contribute to the fact that other mobile usage patterns arise because they represent learned behavior on the head.

With your own app, you can make Google in direct competition with
Smartphones have to make do with a much smaller screen. Because of the smaller screen size, the upper three to four ranking places are even more valuable than in the inpatient area. There is still the misconception that a search on "Mobile Web" provides different results than those on the desktop. But Google's index on mobile devices is exactly the desktop search. Only the target sites are then formatted differently or you will be forwarded directly to mobile versions.

But mobile SEO is not just the search engine optimization mobile websites but also of applications (apps). Apps are small, self-contained search engine. Content providers can thus build their own search engine in the form of an app and are for your subject area, a direct competitor of Google. Who wants to know whether it be sunny tomorrow, be informed about mobile mostly a weather app and not looking on Google or the mobile site. 54 percent of iPhone users spend more time with apps than with the browser.

Here are our tips for optimizing your mobile at a glance:
1 First of all, look at traffic numbers. Any company that wants to be achieved by mobile users, you should check how much traffic there is mobile and how high the bounce rate, the proportion of users who through a bad presentation, the first time you leave. Is it worth it to optimize mobile, that should be done.

2 Check Keywords. The users of mobile devices use proven other keywords, as desktop users. The keywords for a mobile website may thus differ in important respects from the stationary website. In order to appear in the mobile search engine rankings at the top, it should be examined whether it is possible to optimize short head keywords of mobile traffic. Short-Head keywords are significantly more traffic than ultra long-tail keywords. The mobile sites should not be overloaded with too much content as the user mobile tip much lazier than the desktop device. Long keyword combinations are much less mobile ranked high.

3 Make mobile web pages. To ensure the presentation of your content on mobile devices, at least one or version of the website should be set up. Mobile-friendly or mobile-dedicated: To provide simple usability, simple layout and high performance. While mobile-friendly means only compatible display, mobile-dedicated relates the change technical characteristics of mobile devices such as the use of GPS sensors, motion sensors or touch sensitivity with a. Depending on the mobile traffic, you can check whether the switch to responsive design is worthwhile. To make online presences accessible at any time and future-proof, just a format, read and user-friendly presentation is recommended by responsive design.

4 Regional trump card is: Locate. Mobile searches for short distances and fast content. Keywords along with city names are often sought especially mobile. The searches for price comparisons, product information or reservations here take the top spot. Location Based Services is the magic word: the top ranking places on Google Places achieve for local suppliers is therefore particularly attractive. Here lies dormant potential that can be exploited for regional content and promotional offers even further. One third of all searches for a restaurant already been sent from a mobile phone.

5 Short and sweet: Avoid Flash. The iPhone operating system iOS is incompatible with Adobe Flash. Avoid the use of flash files on your mobile website.

SEO packages - affordable solution to your SEO needs

The purpose of a website is to encourage online activities by promoting products or services that the seller has to offer. A good website is just a waste of time, talent and money if it lacks online visibility. It is well known fact that this goal can be achieved by updating content with keyword rich language. This will definitely improve the ranking of a website in search engine result pages. But you do not to be under pressure to achieve this arduous goal of ranking high on search engine results page, you can always choose SEO packages to increase online visibility and ranking for keywords / key phrases in search engines.

There are numerous SEO companies in the market and almost all of them have monthly SEO packages on offer. To find out, the best solution for your business and website to be quiet confusing. There are a variety of offerings to choose from SEO service companies and individuals who offer such services. Choosing the most suitable and affordable SEO packages that companies or individuals have to offer for optimization. All you need to do is to analyze all the options available and choose the one that suits you best according to your budget. The option is available in terms of services offered and the price range.

SEO packages are often quite similar to each other in connection with the services provided. It is important to do some research and analyze the available options before making a final choice. Exhaustive comparisons between different packages will help you clear up the situation. The first step towards this analysis ought to be website ranking service supplier. If a service supplier company contains a good ranking for their web site then it's OK, however if the corporate lacks an honest rating for its own business, it's uncertain that they will do one thing smart for the world in addition.

A background check is essential to choose a good service package. Earlier work with the company to confirm before choosing a package. Projects that the company has undertaken and the results obtained when the optimization process will definitely help you in a better decision.

Another point to be discussed is the study of ratings by former clients. Past and present clients are the best judge of the capabilities and expertise in a print shop. You must analyze the needs of former clients and what package has delivered them in the results. This analysis also provides an idea of ??the quality of work during maintenance segment of SEO packages that maintenance and regular updating of a website is essential to maintain a good ranking. A search engine optimization agency must be in possession of a professional approach to providing quality work in a timely manner.

In addition to this, save an important criterion in selecting a suitable package for the website. Good SEO packages should be available at a competitive price in the market, if not higher prices at the end. The requirements to provide solutions for cheap SEO could possibly compromise the quality of the work. Furthermore, if an offer is too good to be true, it probably is. A suitable budget with appropriate services will definitely be the best option to option for. After all it's a matter of your business credibility and market viability.

Web Design and Development

Concept and Design
Her intention is our starting point for the development of a logical and straightforward user interface and the design of an synthetically and functionally sophis
ticated design structure. We ensure that all users of its website the targeted find what they are looking for - quickly and easily.

Technical implementation

Using current technology, we develop functional Internet solutions that meet your requirements - from simple image website through shop systems through to comprehensive online portal. The main requirements here are short charging times, a good performance, scalability and seamless integration into the existing IT of your company. Compliance with common web is just as natural as the clean separation between content, design, and program code for us.


On request, we also take the technical maintenance and care of your existing website content. In addition, we support you in the targeted online campaigns such as direct mail campaigns, carrying out surveys or contests.

Strategic approach to the development of Web Design:

  • Analysis and advice
  • Research, competition analysis, target group analysis
  • website design
  • Development of an individual web design
  • Presentation of web design
  • Template development (HTML / CSS)
  • Implementation of the required functions (CMS, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Programming of individual plug-ins
  • Online marketing and website analysis
We develop for you:

Campaigns, image and corporate websites
Websites with content management system
Online Stores
Blog systems and portals