SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be a extremely technical method, except for on-line merchants it is also a vital business method. That is why we tend to take the time to find out concerning your goals, products, the competition, and your marketplace.

There are pair of key steps in our process:-
Keyword search and competition analysis
web site improvement

First Step is Keyword Search and Competitive Analysis:-
Review website  structure and program rankings for your site which of your competitors
This method helps outline benchmarks for before- and after-SEO strategy
determine keywords that your customers area unit possible to enter within the program to seek out your product
This analysis will yield keyword suggestions that may be one in all the foremost helpful aspects of SEO, with high returns on investment

Keyword analysis consists of 3 primary activities:-

a) Discovery:-
Pick the foremost relevant keywords for your website. Use the 'root' keywords to get connected single keywords, keyword combos, and variations like singular, plurals and synonyms.
Compare these keyword suggestions to those in use by your audience. This comparison can facilitate determine the foremost widely-used search keywords therefore will specialize in the 'vital few' for your website

b) ROI analysis:-
Fashionable keywords are not forever the foremost valuable. Generic keywords are often wide used whereas conjointly delivering mediocre conversion rates. We'll perform a applied math analysis that highlights relevant keywords with the best ROI.

c) Competitive Analysis:-
This section can show you the competitive landscape for any given search term. Competitive factors uncover what number relevant arriving links your competitors have received, we tend to conjointly provide you with Associate in Nursing Initial Positioning Report that highlights your competitors' strengths & weaknesses, together with a outline of wherever you and therefore the competition area unit presently positioned within the major search engines and directories

The Site optimization method consists of 3 primary activities:-

a) On-Page web site improvement:
Work page-by-page basis to optimize your content
Determine the page needs for modifications and provides write the optimized content for higher rankings
Following systemactic stratergy achieves best results for SEO
Formation of right title & meta tags, internal web site links, keyword-rich content, makes your site spam free
Perform a deep analysis of web site and server, to spot any problems associated with standards compliance, domain usage, page structures, internal and external link structure, URL-rewriting, load reconciliation and any issues that may lower your program position
analyze by the ASCII text file of web site and something that might create a research engine hesitate or stumble.This analysis conjointly checks the meta tags, titles, keyword density and content on all pages
once done, web site are going to be wholly search engine-friendly

b) Off-Page web site improvement:-
Once on-page optimization is completed, reload the web site to ascertain if additional modifications area unit required. once everything's excellent, transfer the optimized content (with compiled tags) to your server.web site is currently prepared for the main Search Engines and Directories.

c) Link Building:-
Boosting page rank is that the next priority for optimized web site. once all different factors area unit equal, search engines can forever favor the page with the next page rank. Page rank is actually 'link quality.' it is a reflection of what number different websites contain links pointed at your web site. (You may additionally hear these referred to as 'inbound links' or 'non-reciprocal links. Google, Yahoo,bing place nice importance on incoming links. an outsized variety of high-quality incoming links will facilitate your web site beat the competition within the program rankings. Not all links area unit created equal. Search engines appraise the incoming links to see the 'quality' of the link. They use such factors because the page rank of the linking page, the whole outgoing links on the linking page, the connection of the linking web site to own  website, the connexion of the precise linking page, the employment of keywords in anchor text, simply to call many


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