On Site Optimisation

The following are practical recommendations for On Site Optimizing !
  • The presence of a unique title in each page . Headlines pages should include relevant keywords that are optimized for a particular page. The name of the site is recommended to insert after the name of his specific page.
  • The existence of unique meta tags . Of course, meta-keywords major search engines do not take into account, but about the meta-description forget not recommend. It draws use the appropriate recommendations 7 .
  • Meta-keywords should only contain those keywords and phrases that are optimized for a particular page of a site.
  • On one page should be only one H1 header level with the main keywords.
  • Use sub-headings H2 and H3 levels to split the text into meaningful parts. This helps to improve their readability.
  • To format the content , use bulleted and numbered lists, Bold and italics.
  • Use text links , the links in the form of graphics and multimedia elements should be avoided whenever possible.
  • Take care of a detailed map of the site with a link to each page of your site.
  • Make sure that all the pages of your site contain unique content. Make it a rule not to post at duplicate content .
  • Write content for users, not for search engine bots . If you do otherwise, then the impact of such texts you get.
  • Contents of the image is not recognized by search engines , so if you have a choice between text and graphic content, then choose either the first or both. The same applies to multimedia objects.
  • Using the images, do not forget for each of them to prescribe the appropriate alt-description .
  • Content pages must contain keyword phrases , under which each of them optimized.
  • Home page of your site should contain links to the most important pages and sections . Anchor text of these links should contain relevant keywords.
  • Your website should be accessible and usability of both users and for search engine bots. Each page of your site should contain links to the most important pages and sections of the site. In addition, each page of your site should contain a link to the site map.


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